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At Kleen Genie, we pride ourselves on ensuring your home is clean, and that the job is done right, every time.

Comprehensive Exterior House Washing Services in Brisbane

Kleen Genie has carved a niche in rendering top-tier house washing services in the heart of Brisbane. Our adept team is skilled in revamping the exterior of your dwelling, from mildew-infested walls to dirt-laden driveways, ensuring your home not only reflects aesthetic appeal but also maintains its structural integrity.

Why Choose Us?

With Kleen Genie, the impeccable house washing service in Brisbane, your home’s exterior is meticulously cleansed from every speck of dirt and grime, whilst ensuring eco-friendliness and longevity. From soft washing to high pressure cleaning, our arsenal is packed with versatile cleaning methods suitable for different exterior surfaces. We prioritize your family and nature by utilizing green cleaning products.

  • Years of experience cleaning house exteriors in Brisbane and surrounds

  • You don’t need to be home, so you can get on with your day and come home to a clean home

  • All sizes and types of houses can be cleaned

  • Affordable and free quotes

  • Eco-conscious approach – we use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products

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House Washing Benefits

Never had the exterior of your home washed professionally before? Apart from saving you time and allowing you to relax with your family and friends after a hard week at work, there are a few good reasons to have your house exterior freshly cleaned regularly. A sparkling exterior is not merely about aesthetic allure. House washing can accentuate the value of your property, reduce maintenance needs, and shield your family against allergens and pathogens by eradicating mould and dirt.

  • A brighter and fresher look that really brings your home to life
  • An increase to the value of your home – the appeal and attractiveness of a home free of dust and debris can help to increase the chances of selling your home more quickly and at a better price.
  • Cut down on maintenance – a home that is free of dust and dirt cuts down on maintenance like painting. A clean home can extend the life of your exterior painting.
  • A healthy home for your family – dirty exteriors can harbour mildew and mould which is unhealthy for your family. A clean home means a clean environment to live in.

How Often Should You Have Exterior House Washing?

Depending on the area you live in, you should schedule in exterior house washing on an annual basis. If you live in a dusty area, or an area with high rainfall (and therefore dust washing off your roof), keeping on top of exterior washing is a good idea for both maintenance and the look of your home.

Why Use Kleen Genie for Exterior House Washing?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use Kleen Genie’s house washing service in Brisbane for your external house cleaning.

  • Years of experience cleaning house exteriors in Brisbane and surrounds
  • You don’t need to be home, so you can get on with your day and come home to a clean home

  • All sizes and types of houses can be cleaned

  • Affordable and free quotes

At Kleen Genie, we pride ourselves on ensuring your home is clean, and that a great job is done, every time. For more information about our exterior house cleaning services in Brisbane, or to organise a quote, call us on 1300 296 246 or click the button below.

Our Services

Top-Quality House Washing Brisbane

Sparkling Clean Homes Guaranteed

Are you tired of your home’s exterior looking dull and lifeless? Are you searching for a reliable and efficient solution to restore the beauty and value of your property? Look no further! Kleen Genie, the leading house washing Brisbane service, is here to help you achieve sparkling clean homes that will leave a lasting impression. In this blog post, we will explore the top-quality house washing services provided by Kleen Genie, including their environmentally-friendly practices, versatile cleaning options, and unique offerings that cater to various property types and needs. So, let’s embark on a journey to transform your home’s exterior and boost its curb appeal with the best house washing services in Brisbane!

  • Kleen Genie offers top-quality house washing services in Brisbane, providing superior quality and environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Our versatile house washing services are tailored to meet the unique needs of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  • Customer testimonials demonstrate the positive impact of our house washing services with satisfied clients and a transformed home exterior.

Experience the Difference with Kleen Genie House Washing

Among house washing services in Brisbane, Kleen Genie is a name that stands out. Their experienced team is devoted to delivering house-washing services that go beyond your expectations. With a wide range of services, including:

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Surface cleaning

  • Roof cleaning

  • Driveway cleaning

  • Window cleaning

Kleen Genie ensures your home’s exterior paint job is immaculate and well-maintained.

Their unique focus on enhancing and maintaining your family’s health and home’s beauty, through careful and thoughtful cleaning, sets them apart. Kleen Genie’s house washing process is thorough and efficient, employing soft washing techniques, scrubbing surfaces with soft brushes, and rinsing off surfaces to ensure a sparkling clean result. Their cleaning solution effectively sanitizes all surfaces and eliminates microscopic mould spores, providing a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.

So, why not experience the difference with Brisbane house washing services by Kleen Genie and give your home the care it deserves?

Brisbane’s Trusted Cleaning Experts

Based in Brisbane, Kleen Genie is a trusted company specializing in external house cleaning services. Their professional team uses gentle external house washing methods, such as soft washing, to prevent any damage to the exterior of your house while effectively removing dirt and grime. With the use of concrete cleaning equipment, Kleen Genie can restore concrete and paved driveways to their original shine, ensuring your property looks its best.

Engaging professional cleaning services like Kleen Genie offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Allergy prevention

  • Infection control

  • Deep cleaning

  • Time and energy savings

  • Professional results

  • A healthier environment

  • Convenience

  • Customized cleaning plans

In addition, it provides peace of mind knowing your property is in the hands of trusted experts.

If you are in Northern Brisbane and require exterior cleaning services, Kleen Genie is the reliable partner you’re looking for.

Environmentally-Friendly House Washing Solutions

Being a certified eco-friendly business, Kleen Genie proudly incorporates environmentally friendly products and practices into their house washing services. Their commitment to the environment is demonstrated by their use of biodegradable and environmentally safe detergents specifically designed for pressure washing, ensuring that nothing hazardous is discharged into waterways.

In addition to being environmentally responsible, Kleen Genie’s cleaning practices also provide benefits for the durability and longevity of your house facades. Some advantages of their eco-friendly cleaning services include:

  • The use of self-cleaning materials

  • Preservation of architectural beauty

  • Improved air quality

  • Cost savings

These are just a few of the advantages that come with their eco-friendly cleaning services.

Choosing Kleen Genie for your house washing needs not only results in a sparkling clean home but also promotes a cleaner and healthier environment.

Versatile Cleaning Services for Every Need

Kleen Genie acknowledges the uniqueness of each property, necessitating a customized cleaning approach. That’s why they offer a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs, including:

  • House washing

  • Roof cleaning

  • Solar panel cleaning

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Window cleaning

  • Pressure washing

  • Soft washing

Their cleaning methods, such as high-pressure washing and soft washing techniques, are designed to cater to various surfaces, ensuring that every corner of your property is thoroughly cleaned without causing any damage.

Whether you require a comprehensive roof cleaning to enhance the exterior appearance of your home and extend the life of the roofing materials, or need a deep cleaning of your driveway to remove stubborn stains and, Kleen Genie has the expertise and equipment to provide a tailored solution for your cleaning needs.

Our adaptable house washing services ensure that your property is handled by skilled professionals, promising amazing results.

Boost Your Property Value with Our House Washing Services

House washing is crucial not just for preserving your property’s aesthetic appeal but also for enhancing its market value and curb appeal. A clean exterior can make your property stand out, attracting potential buyers and making a strong first impression. Kleen Genie’s external house washing services can help you achieve this goal, providing a cost-effective approach to enhancing your property’s appeal and increasing its market value with a thorough house wash. By getting your house washed, you can ensure a pristine and well-maintained appearance. In fact, washing houses has never been easier with our professional pressure cleaning services here.

Moreover, a well-maintained house cleaner exterior can save you money in the long run by extending the life of your paint and preventing costly repairs. With Kleen Genie’s exterior house washing services, you can ensure your home’s exterior is in pristine condition, preventing issues like wood rot, mould growth, and paint damage.

If your goal is to enhance property value and curb appeal, Kleen Genie’s experts are the ones to trust for outstanding results.

Prep for Sale Package

If you are a homeowner planning to sell your property, consider Kleen Genie’s unique ‘Prep for Sale’ package, which includes comprehensive cleaning services like roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and exterior house washing. These services can help to make your property more attractive to potential buyers by creating a positive first impression and increasing its market value.

Investing in Kleen Genie’s “Prep for Sale” package includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of your property

  • Attention to detail to enhance its overall appearance

  • Maximizing its sale potential

  • Standing out from the competition

  • Attracting the attention of potential buyers

  • Helping you achieve the best possible sale price

With their thorough cleaning and attention to detail, you can be confident that your property will be in immaculate condition before it hits the market, enhancing its overall appearance and maximizing its sale potential.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Properties

Kleen Genie’s expertise isn’t limited to residential properties; they also provide cleaning services for commercial and industrial properties. Their professional team is well-equipped to handle the unique cleaning challenges presented by commercial and industrial properties, such as size and complexity, high traffic and usage, specialized cleaning requirements, and compliance with regulations.

Whether it’s a whole house washer small office or a large industrial facility, Kleen Genie can provide customized cleaning solutions to suit your specific needs and requirements. Their range of services includes:

  • Pressure washing

  • Roof cleaning

  • Gutter cleaning

  • High-pressure driveway cleaning for commercial and industrial properties

With Kleen Genie’s expertise and commitment to quality, you can trust them to deliver exceptional results for your property, regardless of its size or purpose.

Comprehensive Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Kleen Genie’s extensive exterior cleaning solutions are engineered to address every facet of your property’s exterior, promising a comprehensive and thorough cleaning experience. Their range of services includes:

  • Gutter cleaning

  • House washing

  • Concrete cleaning

  • Roof cleaning

  • Driveway cleaning

  • Pressure washing

This provides you with a one-stop solution for all your external cleaning, house cleaning, and exterior house cleaning service needs.

In addition to their wide range of services, Kleen Genie utilizes a combination of soft washing and high-pressure cleaning techniques to provide the best possible results for your property. Their soft washing process gently and effectively cleans delicate surfaces, while their high-pressure cleaning is perfect for removing stubborn stains and grime from hard surfaces. With Kleen Genie’s comprehensive exterior cleaning solutions, you can enjoy a clean, well-maintained property that not only looks great but also helps protect your investment.

Soft Washing vs High Pressure Cleaning: Which is Right for You?

Selecting the appropriate house washing method for your property could seem overwhelming, but Kleen Genie is available to assist you in making an informed decision based on your unique needs and property type.

Soft washing is a gentle cleaning method that uses cleaning chemicals and lower water pressure to effectively remove:

  • dirt

  • algae

  • mold

  • other organic build-ups

This method is suitable for delicate surfaces like roofs, retaining walls, siding, or painted surfaces, as it does not cause any damage.

On the other hand, high-pressure cleaning uses water at a very high pressure to remove persistent stains, dirt, and grime from surfaces like driveways, concrete surfaces, and heavily soiled areas. Kleen Genie’s experienced team can guide you in choosing the right cleaning method for your property based on the type

of surface and the degree of cleaning required.

With their help, you can ensure your property receives the appropriate treatment and care, resulting in a sparkling clean and well-maintained exterior house cleaning that you can be proud of.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

The numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers demonstrate Kleen Genie’s commitment to delivering top-quality house washing and roof cleaning services in Brisbane. Their clients have praised the professionalism and dependability of Kleen Genie’s external house cleaning services, such as house washing, roof washing, and high-pressure driveway cleaning. One customer even shared that their home’s exterior was transformed from dull and lifeless to bright and inviting after hiring Kleen Genie for their house washing needs.

These success stories serve as a testament to the high-quality services provided by Kleen Genie and the positive impact they have had on their customers in Brisbane. By choosing Kleen Genie for your house washing needs, you can join the growing list of satisfied clients who have experienced the difference of working with a reliable and efficient house washing service.

Kleen Genie’s house washing services in Brisbane offer a comprehensive and professional solution for maintaining and enhancing the beauty and value of your property. With their wide range of services, eco-friendly practices, versatile cleaning options, and unique offerings like shade sail cleaning and bond cleaning, Kleen Genie is the ultimate choice for all your exterior cleaning needs. Their exceptional customer service and commitment to quality ensure that your property receives the care and attention it deserves.

Don’t let your home’s exterior be a reflection of neglect and disrepair. Trust the experts at Kleen Genie to deliver outstanding results that will leave your property looking its best and boost its curb appeal. Contact Kleen Genie today and experience the difference for yourself!

Our Process – A Methodical Approach to House Washing

Kleen Genie champions a streamlined cleaning process, from inspection to the execution of pressure cleaning and soft washing strategies, ensuring every surface is immaculately clean without risking damage.

  • 1
    Thorough evaluation of the exterior.
  • 2
    Customized Plan:
    Crafting a cleaning process suited to your exterior surfaces.
  • 3
    Implementing our plan with precision.
  • 4
    Final Review:
    Ensuring every corner, every surface is impeccably clean.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a comprehensive cleaning service that enhances the visual appeal of your house. That is our commitment to your satisfaction and our confidence in rendering impeccable cleaning results.

Commitment to Excellence

Our high-pressure cleaning, coupled with soft washing, ensures every surface is meticulously cleaned. Our clientele resonates with our proficiency in external house washing. Dive into our testimonials to explore their experiences and how we’ve transcended their house washing expectations.

House Washing Cost

Investing in house washing is investing in your home’s future. Discuss with us your cleaning needs, and let’s formulate a budget-friendly yet profoundly effective house washing plan.

House Washing Tips

From pressure washing to soft wash strategies, here’s some tips and insights to keep your house exterior gleaming and robust between professional washings.

  • Regular Checks: Inspect your exterior for signs of mould and dirt.
  • DIY Cleaning: Use a mixture of vinegar and water for minor spots.
  • Professional Clean: Engage in professional cleaning annually.

The In-depth Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process is meticulously curated to assure that every exterior surface of your home, from exterior walls to retaining walls, is immaculately clean. With the use of an effective cleaning solution, we guarantee the eradication of mould and grime that often clings to your homes exterior, ensuring longevity and visual appeal.

A Vision of Holistic Home Care

  • Preservation: Regular pressure cleaning reduces wear and tear.
  • Value: Enhance the market value with a clean exterior.

  • Health: Eliminate mould and mildew.

Specialist in Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Kleen Genie is not limited to residential properties. Our commercial pressure cleaning services cater to businesses, ensuring your commercial spaces radiate professionalism and cleanliness, from the exterior walls to the internal carpet cleaning needs.

Get A Quote For House Cleaning in Brisbane

Kleen Genie’s house washing services in Brisbane offer a comprehensive and professional solution for maintaining and enhancing the beauty and value of your property. With their wide range of services, eco-friendly practices, versatile cleaning options, and unique offerings like shade sail cleaning and bond cleaning, Kleen Genie is the ultimate choice for all your exterior cleaning needs. Their exceptional customer service and commitment to quality ensure that your property receives the care and attention it deserves.

Don’t let your home’s exterior be a reflection of neglect and disrepair. Trust the experts at Kleen Genie to deliver outstanding results that will leave your property looking its best and boost its curb appeal. Contact Kleen Genie today and experience the difference for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Professionals typically use chlorinated bleach to wash houses – Pressure Washing Katy (pressurewashingkaty.com) warns that plain chlorine is very corrosive, so it should be used in a mixture of bleach for optimal results.

For optimal results, we use pressure washer detergent or a combination of bleach and Simple Green with a pressure washer.

  • For soft-grain wood homes, we use a less powerful washer (about 1,200-1,500 psi).
  • For vinyl siding, a more powerful gas-pressure washer is used (2,500-3,000 psi).

Pressure washing can damage your house if not done correctly. However, it depends on the surface material. For example, a weatherboard home will be more delicate than a brick home, whereas a rendered home can also be delicate to high pressure. It also depends on the objective: Are you cleaning to preserve paint in a maintenance clean or cleaning in preparation for a repaint, which requires removing flaking paint or oxidation? The level of pressure used will change depending on.

Softwashing is the preferred method, usually using a 100-200 psi electric pump. Soft washing can also be done with a pressure washer, provided you have the correct equipment and knowledge.

You do not need to be present when our skilled team arrives to clean your house. Your only task is to ensure that all your windows and doors are firmly shut. Feel free to head out and enjoy your day!

The total duration depends on the size of the house and what we are tasked with. Typically, it takes just a few hours to wash a house.


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Kleen Genie came round and sent up a drone to check out the condition of our solar panels and a walk round the property to see exactly what was required.We changed our mind on a couple of things and a revised quote came back very quickly.Communications is important and Kleen Genie is extremely good at that plus our international cleaners did a great job.Merci beaucoup and muito obrigado fellas.I've attached some before and after shots.Well done and thanks.Bill AlcornBill Alcorn ★★★★★ Quote was supplied promptly and was agreeable to us. Changes to arrangements and communications about scheduling handled very well, guys turned up on time and fully informed about site and scope. Job done as quoted, and cleanup fine. So basically a good job and no issues.Helen SutherlandHelen Sutherland ★★★★★ Really good experience! Courteous, respectful, friendly guys. Roof is very clean - clear of mould and leaf gunk. And the site was left immaculate. 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When some items needed revisiting the team were communicable, responsive and quick to return.We would recommend Kleen Genie to any one without hesitation.Jelita HutchisonJelita Hutchison ★★★★★ Absolutely pleased with the service provided by Kleen Genie. From my first contact with Jo for a quote and then Brittany to organise my house wash, everything went so smoothly.The exterior of our home was embarrassingly filthy, 26 years of accumulated yuk. Kleen Genie did a fabulous job on our full exterior house wash, getting rid of accumulated dirt, stains, mould and mildew. Our full exterior window clean through our security screens left our windows clean, shiny and spot-free. I was pleased that not only the screens were squeaky clean but also the window glass and doors.Kleen Genie took great care with our clean. There was no evidence of water leaking into our home with their low pressure clean. Our home's street appeal has significantly improved and it's just so welcoming to return to a home which not only looks clean but also smells clean. Thank you Kleen Genie, I am very grateful. We will definitely highly recommend you and call you again soon for other services you offer.Amanda LoveAmanda Love ★★★★★ There were a few challenges today for the boys (including a visit by the plumber who needed to turn off the water) but they happily completed a fantastic job on our house. It looks amazing! Will definitely use them again.Barry CrossBarry Cross ★★★★★ Gutters, driveway, pavers and outside the whole house now sparkling clean. Many thanks for your professional service. Great communication from the clean team and the final fair cost was as quoted. A highly recommended company..ClareClare ★★★★★ Have used Kleen Genie before and this time was just as pleased with the service and results. Simon arrived on time and did a wonderful job, great customer service, friendly, polite, professional. Will definitely use them again.Sunethra SamarakoonSunethra Samarakoon ★★★★★ Friendly and efficientKate FeldmanKate Feldman ★★★★★ I've used Kleen genie twice now, I have been very happy with the results. The first time my roof, gutters and pathways were cleaned. The second time was more important for a house sale in which in addition I had all the rendered walls of the house washed. I was very happy with the results, the house looks new new and I will be very proud to show my clean house to potential buyers. Thanks Joe!!Bradley HoulihanBradley Houlihan ★★★★★ Excellent service, great communication and a pleasure to deal with.Big thank you to the entire Kleen Genie team :)dane Cartwrightdane Cartwright ★★★★★ Can not thank Joe enough for the amazing job they did at our place in preparation for for putting our house on the market. The house was spotless and the hard surface we amazing it completely changed our exterior to look clean and bright.Thank JoePeter BensonPeter Benson ★★★★★ Wonderful Job and great serviceDeanna FordDeanna Ford ★★★★★ Great service quick response the guys did a great job and friendlySam and Adrienna RobothamSam and Adrienna Robotham ★★★★★ Fantastic work to clean off all (ALL) the Brissy mould from the last couple of years of too much rain. Great communication, gentle and fast service.Shane kilgariffShane kilgariff ★★★★★ Prompt response and great service provided, as always. Very happy to recommend Kleen Genie.Neil ScottNeil Scott ★★★★★ Cannot fault the workmanship or the professionalism of the crew that did the work. We had a number of quotes, and some were slightly cheaper, but the fact Joe came out and looked at the job and put a drone up over the roof to ensure there was no oxidation etc. was a winner for us. Personal service is missing these days, but it is still part of the business culture at Kleen Genie.Karen StrohfeldtKaren Strohfeldt ★★★★★ Professional job, kept me informed about arrival time, courteous and helpful.Darian HielscherDarian Hielscher ★★★★★ Very good experience, careful and thorough. Would strongly recommend.Allyson CurreyAllyson Currey ★★★★★ Very happy with the job. The outdoor entertainment area look great !Bec BecBec Bec ★★★★★ Absolutely thrilled with how this house wash turned out. Walking around my home was getting me down when looking at the stains & residue build up on the gutter fascia, eaves etc. Not anymore. Also cleaned the roof, fence line & driveways, paths. The house looks great. Will definitely recommend in fact I think they had several of my neighbours approaching them for quotes on the day!Nando BarnettNando Barnett ★★★★★ Great to deal with, fast providing quotes, good ethics work, highly recommend them.Gayle StapletonGayle Stapleton ★★★★★ Excellent service from Kleen Genie. In my view, real service is tested when something goes wrong. The control engine on my garage door ceased working as a result of the clean and the owner (Joe) took ownership on getting this matter solved. I sincerely appreciate the communication and resolution that was achieved within 3 business days. Highly recommend Kleen Genie and the team for excellent results and delivering what they say they will do. Well done team. cheersTerry McConnellTerry McConnell ★★★★★ overall happy with the result, looks terrificPaul WatsonPaul Watson ★★★★★ Kleen Genie did an excellent job, from the initial inquiry through to the professional cleaning of our gutters and solar panels.Excellent communication and value for money. I have used them on multiple occasions and definitely recommend them.Jennifer MateerJennifer Mateer ★★★★★ From start to finish a very professional, high level of communication and value for money company. We have Kleen Genie complete a full residential roof clean (complex house roof) and outside window clean, The results were better than I could have ever expected, thanks you to the team at Kleen. Highlight recommend and will using you in the future.Lisa AndersonLisa Anderson ★★★★★ Highly recommend, over all fantastic experience.Peter EvansPeter Evans ★★★★★ Thank you for the great job. A friendly and courteous service, clean and efficient team. A pleasure to deal with from quote to finish.Lee Ann AllenLee Ann Allen ★★★★★ Reliable and thoroughI would recommend their services.Kelli ValentineKelli Valentine ★★★★★ The crew at Kleen Genie did an amazing job on my double story house. As with most housing during the last couple of years we've had extreme humidity and accompanying mould. The team cleaned all the mould and dirt of every surface and did a great job. They also did a great job cleaning our gutters and solar panels. I'd consider this company if you want the job done right the first time. This is their dedicated business and not some side hustle. Excellent work! Will definitely use again and would happily recommend them to anyone. I felt their quote was very reasonably priced and the work was exceptional!js_loader