At Kleen Genie, providing you with a spotlessly clean and pristine home is our foremost mission. Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality of service means that your satisfaction is guaranteed; no other measure can supersede it!

Bulimba House Washing

In a flash, one morning can completely alter the look of your house exterior as it becomes stained with dirt and grime. Before you know it, its vivid colour has been traded for an unnerving shade that makes it seem like time had forgotten about your home’s beauty.

Tired of the grime and dirt accumulating on your home’s exterior?

Discard your concerns! The Kleen Genie team is here to make attaining the ideal kerb appeal easier and quicker than ever. Now you can relish in a spotless home exterior without any of the hard work! Our company is committed to providing exceptional performance and outstanding results. We only use top-notch products to clean your house. We will leave your property spotlessly clean, entirely secured, and protected from the weather. Additionally, because none of our products include any chemicals, you can be confident that they won’t cause any harmful runoff that might harm you, your family and the environment.

Let Kleen Genie make your home sparkle! Our skilled team specialises in pressure washing and soft washing, so you can trust we will eliminate any dirt, mould, mildew or mess from the outside of your property. At our company, we are proud to only use the most effective tools and equipment available so that your property can be restored with ease. If you’re in the market for a highly experienced exterior house washing service that is swift and efficient, your search ends here! Our team of experts guarantees to astonish you with their impressive outcomes on each task. We have all of your needs covered – look no further!

Unlock the Rewards of Professional Exterior House Washing Now!

Now that’s something worth investing in:

  • With a vibrant and invigorating style, you can instantly bring new life to your home!

  • Upgrade your home’s value – a clean dwelling will draw in more attention, allowing you to sell it faster while still fetching an excellent price.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs – dirt and dust will be a thing of the past with regular cleaning. Your home’s exterior painting can last longer when it is kept neat, prolonging its life significantly!

A spotless abode is essential for your family’s well-being. Unsanitary exteriors can foster mildew and mould which not only disrupt the environment but are hazardous to your health. With a pristine home comes peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones reside in a healthy atmosphere.

Take Advantage of the Advantages Kleen Genie Provides for Exterior House Washing!

Whether you inhabit a region with lots of dust or one that experiences heavy rainfall, scheduling an exterior house washing at least once every year would benefit the upkeep and appeal of your abode. Addressing this task regularly is vital for maintaining your residence’s beauty and longevity.

Take Advantage of the Advantages Kleen Genie Provides for Exterior House Washing!

Need to spruce up your house in Bulimba? Look no further than Kleen Genie’s external house washing service! With too many reasons why it’s the perfect choice for you, nothing is stopping you from giving them a try.

  • Our team at Kleen Genie can help you restore its original shine. With years of experience providing exterior house cleaning services, no job is too big or small for us!

  • Don’t have to waste time cleaning your home when you could be doing something more enjoyable! Instead, come back from a trip to find that the house has been sparklingly tidied up for you, it’s like a bonus gift!

  • Whether the residence is a humble bungalow or an exquisite mansion, our team of professionals provides superior quality cleanings for all!

  • Get cost-efficient, free quotes now and save big!

At Kleen Genie, we guarantee that your home will look brand new after each visit from our exterior house cleaning service in Bulimba. So why not make one less worry for yourself and let us take care of it all? Contact us at 1300 296 246 or click the link below to receive a free quote.

When it comes to exterior home cleaning, why settle for anything less than the best?

Kleen Genie is your go-to for making your house sparkle. Our exterior washing solutions outdo any other service provider in the region – guaranteed! Let us use our professional cleaning experts to take care of all dirt and mould buildup so that we can restore your home’s outer beauty faster than ever before!

The professionals on our team have perfected a technique of high-pressure cleaning and soft washing, providing you with absolute spotlessness for all surfaces painted walls, windows, driveways, buildings or patios. Even concrete won’t be immune to the transformation that’ll take place! With this service, your home will beam brighter than ever before. Don’t hesitate any longer in getting rid of those awful black streaks or dirt patches while also banishing mould and grime from its walls. You can only marvel at how proud you’ll feel when it’s finished!

Put your trust in Kleen Genie to manage all of your roof, driveway and house washing requirements! We deliver unparalleled quality with the swiftest possible service in Brisbane – so you can savour extraordinary results without delay. Our pressure washing service guarantees that your abode will be shining clean in a flash. Secure your free estimate now and witness how we can become the ideal exterior house cleaning company for you! Take advantage of our offer and unlock the entire potential of your home!

Make your home the envy of your neighbourhood with Kleen Genie’s Exterior House Washing Bulimba service.

Our team of exceptionally gifted cleaners, armed with the most cutting-edge pressure washing tools out there, delivers a secure and prompt house cleaning service that utilises both soft washing techniques and high-pressure methods. Whether you are seeking bond cleaning or commercial pressure cleaning services, Kleen Genie is here to provide an impeccable customer experience by offering you a professional house cleaner.

The reason Kleen Genie needs to be your top pick for house cleaning is straightforward, if you’re wondering. Our family-run company is headquartered, and providing excellent customer service is our main focus. We at our firm understand how busy life can be and work hard to provide the best house cleaning services on time.

At our organisation, we are committed to upholding sustainable sanitation practices and only use environmentally friendly products.

Revitalise the appearance of your exterior with our high-quality house washing services. We’ll get rid of all dirt, grime and mould from your surfaces for a spotless look you can be proud of! And if that wasn’t enough, we also provide window cleaning and driveway cleaning to leave no stone unturned in achieving a thorough clean! To restore your outdoor surfaces to their original glory and keep them safe for the future, our range of cleaning solutions is unbeatable. Even stubborn stains won’t stand a chance against our professional services which include commercial cleaning, pressure washing, concrete cleansing and roof upkeep.

Need Accurate Pricing On Professional House Cleaning Services ?

Let us bring the sparkle and shimmer back to your residential or commercial property with our unbeatable house-washing services in Bulimba. Our signature soft wash and grooming process guarantees impressive results for all exterior surfaces, making sure that both your home and office look remarkable when we’re done! Don’t miss out on our bond/exit cleaning and exterior house washing services, both of which are known for their superior quality! Get in touch with us right away to take advantage of these amazing offerings.


Clean Genie takes pleasure in offering the highest-quality exterior house washing services to Balmoral and its nearby environs. Our team of professionals is well-versed in both high-pressure cleaning methods as well as soft-pressure approaches, resulting in phenomenally spotless surfaces such as painted walls, glass windows, driveways and office buildings. We create all of our services to fit your exact desires and requirements, guaranteeing you a perfect clean every time!

For the typical household or office building, washing its exterior will take a maximum of two hours. This estimation is contingent on the size and condition of your property though, so our experienced professionals evaluate each job before executing it to guarantee they can deliver you quality results promptly. We consider factors such as the weather, maintenance history, and materials used when calculating how much time is needed to effectively clean your space with our services.

At Kleen Genie, we understand the necessity of using natural and eco-friendly products while cleaning your home. We are a locally owned business in North Brisbane that places a high value on providing outstanding client care as well as formulae that are considerate of the environment. You can relax knowing that your health, cleanliness, and safety are our top priorities since our highly educated personnel only use products that are 100% non-toxic and sustainable!

Not! We recognize that life can be busy, so we don’t ask you to be there for your exterior house washing. Instead, we provide a safe key drop-off location where your keys stay with us until the work is complete. With this, you can unwind knowing that your house will be maintained in excellent condition without any further work on your part.