At Kleen Genie, we are dedicated to providing you with the best in housekeeping services and ensuring that each job is done correctly. Our staff of experienced professionals will make sure your home sparkles every time!

Coorparoo House Washing

Is your home looking a little worse for wear? Dirt and grime build-up on the exterior of your house quicker than you might realise. But don’t worry, Kleen Genie is here to help! We are here to clean your home’s exterior for you.

We use top-quality materials and apply the latest cleaning techniques to clean your residence. Our cleaning solutions are safe for you and the environment around. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your part to protect Mother Nature.

Whether it’s dirt, mould, mildew or other residues, our advanced pressure washing and soft washing techniques will leave your home looking brand new. Our certified technicians will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that your home receives the personalised care it deserves.

Don’t let a dirty exterior detract from your home’s curb appeal any longer. Contact Kleen Genie today for a prompt, effective, and professional solution to your exterior house cleaning needs!

Why Get Your House Exterior Washed?

Have you ever considered getting your home’s exterior washed professionally? Not only will it save you precious time and enable you to focus on more important things such as spending quality moments with family or friends after a long week of work, but there are also a few other very good reasons why regular cleaning is beneficial.

Give your house a new light of life by giving it a lively, contemporary look. Your home’s charm and value will both be increased by keeping it clean and well-maintained. This may open the door for a more rapid sale at a competitive price. Save time on upkeep by keeping your house in peak shape. Your exterior paint can last longer if dust and grime are removed from the area, allowing you to avoid applying new coats as regularly. When surfaces are free of bothersome debris, cleanliness may be a tremendous asset both practically and aesthetically.

A fresh, lively home is essential for your family’s well-being. Dirty exteriors can become breeding grounds for mildew and mould, which can be incredibly hazardous to the health of those living inside. Create a safe environment by keeping it clean!

What’s the Ideal Frequency for Exterior House Washing?

No matter where you live, setting up regular exterior house washing should be a priority. However, if your area is particularly dusty or receives high levels of rainfall, it’s important to stay on top of this maintenance task in order to maintain the look and function of your home.

Why settle for an ordinary exterior house wash when you can choose Kleen Genie, the superior choice?

If you’re looking for a reliable house washing service in Brisbane, Kleen Genie is a perfect choice. There are countless advantages to using our expert cleaning services that make us your go-to provider!

  • With years of experience under our belt, we are your go-to team for pristinely cleaning house exteriors in Coorparoo and its surrounding areas.

  • With the convenience of not having to be home, you can go about your day and return to a sparkling abode.

  • Whether you’re a homeowner of a mansion or an apartment holder, we offer comprehensive cleaning services for all sizes and types of houses.

  • Secure discounted rates and complimentary estimates!

At Kleen Genie, it is our utmost priority to ensure that your home is spotless and shining each time we leave. If you live in Brisbane and would like more details about the exterior house cleaning services we offer or arrange for a quote, call us at 1300 296 246 or simply click on the button below. We guarantee an exceptional job every single time!

Why Use Kleen Genie for Exterior House Washing?

Get your home looking pristine again with the top-tier house washing services from Kleen Genie in Brisbane. Our professional cleaning crew can easily refresh and clean all of your external surfaces, eliminating any dirt or mould buildup you may have. Enjoy the beauty of a freshly washed exterior space with our unbeatable cleaning service!

Our team of experts utilises high-pressure and soft-washing techniques to ensure that your property, from painted surfaces and windows to driveways, office buildings and concrete exteriors is left gleaming. Picture the difference it will make, say goodbye to black streaks, dirt, mould or grime for a bright home you can take pride in!

For totally remarkable results, we provide roof and driveway cleaning. No other home washing or pressure washing corporation in Brisbane comes close to the superiority and swiftness of Kleen Genie! Get a no-cost estimate immediately to figure out how our exterior house cleaning services can be your go-to option!

Transform the exterior of your home with Kleen Genie’s House Washing Coorparoo service, and make it look brand new!

Our team of seasoned cleaning professionals have the advanced pressure washing tools necessary to provide a secure, reliable and expeditious house cleaning service with both high-pressure wash techniques and soft washing methods. With Kleen Genie, you can trust that you’ll be provided with a professional house cleaner for both bond and commercial pressure cleaning. We prioritise the highest levels of customer service so that your needs are met to satisfaction.

So why should you pick Kleen Genie for your house cleaning needs?

At our family-run business in Coorparoo, we recognize the importance of your time and strive to provide the best customer service by delivering excellent results promptly. The solution is clear – let us handle the house cleaning so you can focus on more important tasks!

We are committed to safeguarding the environment by using only eco-friendly cleaning products.

Our exterior house washing is unparalleled! Remove dirt, grime and mould from any outer surfaces including windows and driveways with ease. We have an array of strategies to restore your paints, roofs and other elements to their original condition without risk of damage. Enjoy quality results that you can trust for a long time. For those tough-to-remove spots, we offer commercial and pressure cleaning services that effectively address concrete and roof cleaning needs.

Get An Instant Estimate For Professional House Cleaning Services In Coorparoo

We offer unparalleled house washing servics utilising both soft wash and brooming to guarantee immaculate external surfaces. Upon completion, you will be left with a sparkling clean result for residential or commercial properties. Not only that but we also provide expert office cleaning services and bond/exit cleaning when requested; making sure no job is too big! Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of our exterior house washing service today and experience a higher-quality clean!


If you’re looking for superior results, then look no further than Kleen Genie’s Exterior House Washing service in Coorparoo. Our professionals utilise a mix of soft wash and brooming to guarantee that your exterior surfaces are immaculately clean with their original structure intact. We employ the best cleaning products while using the latest pressure washing equipment available, so you can be sure that our services will be both effective and eco-friendly!

Yes, Kleen Genie takes extra precautions to ensure all our products are environmentally friendly and safe for your use. We choose each of our cleaning supplies with great care – avoiding harsh chemicals that could harm your belongings – and make certain no pollutants enter the environment through effective waste disposal protocols. Additionally, we hire only the most qualified staff who take pride in their work when it comes to delivering outstanding results for you!

At our house-washing business in Coorparoo, we’re dedicated to giving our clients the best value for their money. Every quote is tailored to fulfil each customer’s individual requirements and budget. We strive hard not only to deliver competitive prices but also to use effective pressure washing methods and eco-friendly cleaning products!