Roof Cleaning

We all know and love the benefits of keeping a clean and tidy home . But what about what’s above our heads? Not many people give a lot of thought to cleaning their roofs – out of sight out of mind, right? Of course, most of us know that a clean roof provides amazing street appeal. You may be surprised to know that there are actually many more hidden benefits to roof cleaning. Whether for your home or business, every roof can benefit greatly from regular cleaning as a part of general roof maintenance.


Not many people are aware of the damage that moss and lichen can cause damage to roofs. Mould spores are caustic in nature and if left alone can begin to degrade your roof. Moss and mould is particularly bad for tile and clay roofs as they can cause excess water absorption which will damage your roof quicker. In some cases, moss and mould damage can be so bad that you may need to replace your roof 10 years faster than normal!


Broken and cracked roof tiles, missing shingles, rusting iron and more damage can be much more easily seen when the roofing surface is clean. Identifying damage at an early stage and having it repaired early can be instrumental in preventing further damage to your home or business.


Another reason to clean your roof is for the sake of your gutters. It can help to reduce the amount of silt, dust, mud and debris that end up in gutters, helping to prevent clogs. In the event of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, you want your gutters to be clean and free of debris to carry the water away from your roof.


We’re a small family owned and run business who have been cleaning Brisbane exteriors for years. Here at Kleen Genie we offer thorough roof cleaning services. Our main difference is our technique that we like to call soft washing.

Pressure roof cleaning is one of the most common methods our competitors use to clean roofs. However, a lot of the time pressure cleaners can be too harsh. High pressure cleaning can damage to your roof and paintwork making you wish you hadn’t pressure washed.

A softwash uses low-pressure to safely clean your roof. Not only does our softwash method not damage your roof, it’s also environmentally safe and helps retain the roofs colour. We use a cleaning solution which prevents bacteria, moss, mould and lichen regrowth for up to 18 months. If you live in a particularly dusty area or are surrounded by a lot of trees, your roof may require cleaning more often, like once every 12 months.

Our professional roofing wash team are fully insured with all the right equipment and experience working at heights. We also ensure to minimise walking on your roof as much as possible when cleaning it.

We pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. We know you’re busy and there’s no need to interrupt your busy schedule when booking with us as we don’t require you to be home for any services. Simply go about your normal day and come home to a perfectly clean exterior.

For a professional roof clean, and other exterior cleaning services, you can’t go past Kleen Genie. For a complete clean, enquire about our comprehensive range of exterior house cleaning services including: house washing, gutter cleaning, cleaning solar panels, driveway cleaning and window cleaning. Get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote.

By Published On: October 31, 2021Categories: Articles