How Clean Homes Can Boost Neighborhood Morale and Property Values

Exterior house cleaning is not usually at the forefront of our minds when we move into a new area. First time homeowners may be used to private landlords organising services like this on their behalf. However, even experienced homeowners can occasionally forget that outside walls, windows, roofs, gutters and drive ways will need regular cleaning. Sometimes, it only occurs to us when it hasn’t been done for a while!

But it’s no secret that coming home to a clean, attractive house is a positive experience. On a conscious level, we might not be thinking that a clean building represents safety for us and our families – free from dangerous moulds, fire hazards, pest infestations and leaks – but we do know that it’s relaxing and refreshing. When our home looks its best, it’s a big load off our minds. So how does this affect the rest of our neighbourhood?

The importance of curb appeal in neighbourhood morale

A clean home is a mood booster, and the same is true for our whole surrounding area. The impact of a clean neighbourhood goes a long way, giving us a sense of pride in our community and dispelling images of rundown buildings that we associate with hard times. Seeing just one of these dilapidated houses on our street can be enough to lower the neighbourhood morale, as the feeling of a safe and thriving community is disrupted.

Whether we live in an old suburb with ageing houses, or a new area with modern houses, every home can be made to look its best. This responsibility falls on the homeowners, and when it’s clear that everyone in the street is doing their part to keep an area tidy, safe and inviting, we develop trust and respect. In this way, we can foster a sense of community, even if we don’t have the time or energy to get to know the people living nearby.

The positive effects of clean homes on property values

Keeping the exterior of our homes clean can benefit our neighbourhood in other ways as well. For instance, street appeal is a factor that contributes to property values, and any home nestled in a clean, tidy neighbourhood will of course be valued higher than one surrounded by unkempt houses. Buyers will want to see that their new home is in a good area – especially if they have children – and will pay extra for the security of a conscientious community.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the cleaning habits of our neighbours, but if you’d like to sell your home, you can still do your part to keep your neighbourhood welcoming by setting a good example. And even if you don’t want to sell your home until later on down the track, it’s still a good idea to keep on top of exterior house cleaning in the present. Ensuring that the corrosive elements in grime, mould and debris don’t build up on the exterior of your home is key to avoiding costly repairs in the long term.

The benefits of professional exterior cleaning services

Despite all the benefits for us and our neighbourhoods, exterior house cleaning is still a daunting task for the average home owner. Even for the most house proud, there’s a lot of work to do and a lot of area to cover. Not to mention, most of us don’t have all the tools necessary to get these tasks done well. Cleaning outside walls, windows and roofs can require tall ladders and manual scrubbing in hard to reach areas, while driveways often require a powerful pressure washer to make a real difference in appearance.

And this is where Kleen Genie comes into play! A family run exterior cleaning service based in Northern Brisbane, this highly experienced team has the tools and know-how to turn your home into a financial and aesthetic asset to any neighbourhood. With high-powered tools and eco-friendly products, Kleen Genie come recommended by top real estate agents in and around Brisbane.

From house, roof and driveway cleaning, to solar panel, gutter and window cleaning, you can rely on Kleen Genie for all your exterior house cleaning needs. Just call 1300 296 246, or use the online form for a free quote today!

By Published On: May 3, 2023Categories: Articles