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Your home’s exterior requires ongoing cleaning and maintenance to protect it against grime, debris, and even structural damage. But an exterior home cleaning is a big undertaking that will impact more than just your property. Just as if you were throwing a party, you will need to give your neighbours a heads-up! Before you embark on the cleaning, practice being a good neighbour by approaching residents around you ahead of time. 


When do you approach neighbours?

Whether you are attempting to clean the exterior of your home alone, or you are hiring a team of professionals to do it for you, it’s important to give your neighbours sufficient forewarning so that they’re not inconvenienced. However, not all exterior house cleanings are that invasive. Here’s when you should consider approaching your neighbours:


  • When the exterior house cleaning may affect the neighbour’s property or daily routine because of noise or run-off. 
  • When you have to request access to a neighbour’s property for exterior house cleaning purposes.
  • When you’re offering to assist with a neighbour’s exterior cleaning needs.


How do you approach neighbours?

You might have a very close relationship with your neighbours where you look out for each other, your children play together, you carpool, and even barbeque together on the weekends. On the other hand, you might be new to the area, or might have found that your neighbours prefer to keep to themselves. Either way, it’s important that you practise good etiquette when approaching your neighbours about exterior home cleaning. Here’s how:


  • Respecting privacy and personal space: This is important in any great neighbour, but a home exterior cleaning can be a bit invasive. The best solution is to speak to your neighbour face-to-face. However, if you’re having trouble getting hold of them, try leaving a note or calling on the phone. 


  • Communicating clearly and respectfully: While an exterior home clean is essential, you don’t want to come across as pushy or rude. Explain the value of the exterior home clean in increasing curb appeal – something that benefits your neighbours as well!


  • Offering solutions or compromises: An early morning home exterior clean on a Saturday or Sunday is not ideal. Likewise, your neighbours might be hosting an event or have other plans that make noise and mess unwelcome. Chat with your neighbours, and come up with a solution that suits you both. 


What are common pitfalls to avoid?

An exterior home clean is beneficial for you and your neighbours, but make sure it doesn’t become a source of contention! Here are some common mistakes to avoid when cleaning the walls, roof, driveways, and more. 


  • Trespassing or violating property boundaries: Make sure that you get the proper authorisation from your neighbour, well in advance, if you need to access their property for your exterior home cleaning. 


  • Disrespecting neighbours’ preferences or schedules: Your neighbour might have an important work call, event, or other happening, and this needs to be considered when planning the date and time of your home cleaning. By disrespecting these, you’re not showing good neighbourliness!


  • Failing to take responsibility: An exterior home clean can result in debris and run-off and – when not done by professionals – even property damage. It’s important that you take responsibility for this when dealing with your neighbours. 


Key points to remember with an exterior home cleaning

Cleaning your home’s exterior regularly is an important part of a homeowner’s maintenance plans, but if not executed correctly, could result in some neighbourhood gossip! It’s important that you respect your neighbours when starting on this cleaning journey. Here are key points to remember:

  1. Notification: Give your neighbours sufficient forewarning, preferably in person, and discuss a schedule that works out best for all of you. Keep them updated on what will happen, how it will happen, and how long it will likely take. 


  1. Timing: You will have to avoid early morning and late night cleanings, as well as weekends or special days. Consider any events that could be on the go that the cleaning could disrupt. 


  1. Property lines: You can’t trespass on your neighbour’s property or impact it in any way so be aware of the property lines and protect against damage. 


  1. Noise: If you’re using a pressure washer or other power tool for exterior home cleaning, warn your neighbours about potential noise and, again, consider the timing. 


  1. Clean up: A team of professionals will ensure they dispose of cleaning solutions and debris, but if you’re doing it yourself, ensure there is no mess at the end of it all. 


Get the job done right from the start but work with industry professionals, Kleen Genie. These exterior home cleaners will leave your property looking fantastic, and they will ensure your neighbours aren’t impacted during the process!

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