You have no doubt cleaned your home interior on countless occasions – possibly even within the last day or so. But when was the last time your home’s exterior had a good clean? So often, the exterior of the home is completely overlooked, a home maintenance failure that can lead to long-term damage. Rather than being an afterthought, exterior house cleaning should become part of routine maintenance so that problems don’t compound and cost you a lot more in the long run.

What are the environmental factors affecting Brisbane’s home exteriors?

No matter where a home is located, there will be certain environmental factors that impact the exterior – that’s why we build homes, to protect us from these elements! In Brisbane, the coastal location means certain environmental factors have a particular impact on the building exterior.

  • Humidity: The higher level of moisture in the air can result in excess mould on the exterior of your home walls, which can destroy paint. Any sign of mould needs to be immediately addressed before causing such issues.
  • Salt: The salty seawater results in salt in the atmospheric moisture which can damage the paint by causing chipping, fading, and even peeling.
  • Sand: Buildings close to sea sand are also susceptible to damage when sand is blown against the building exterior. This will require regular cleaning and a high-quality paint finish.

Beyond these, Brisbane homes are also impacted by regular environmental factors that impact homes globally. These include the gradual accumulation of dirt, insects, pollen, and plant debris, as well as pollution residue.

What happens if you neglect exterior house cleaning?

When these environmental factors accumulate on the exterior of your home, they can cause a multitude of costly problems if not cleaned away regularly. These include:

– Damage to exterior surfaces

Moisture collects on the exterior of the home, particularly coastal homes or those in high rainfall areas, which collects pollutants, dirt and other debris. This results in a layer of grime on the home exterior which, if allowed to set in, begins to grow mould and mildew, resulting in stains. Further to this, the mildew feeds on the paint surface, eventually causing damage to the exterior if not cleaned away timeously.

– Health hazards

The build-up of mould and bacteria on the exterior of your home, as well as other disease-causing elements, can trigger allergies and negatively impact the immune systems of your family. Part of your exterior home cleaning also means cleaning out the gutters, an area that can house several harmful contaminants when not tended to. Another health hazard that many overlook is the danger posed by grime or moss build-up on driveways and stairways. These can be hazardous, particularly for children and the elderly, as they make for a slippery surface. Eliminate the hazard with regular cleaning.

– Extra costs

By not cleaning the exterior of your home, you’re avoiding vital maintenance and looking at costly repairs and renovations in the future. Washing the home exterior is a much more cost-effective way of protecting the home, as you won’t have to constantly re-paint or worry about structural damage.

What are the benefits of exterior house cleaning?

By taking a more proactive approach to home maintenance, you’ll find that regular exterior cleaning comes with significant benefits. These include:

– Improves health

A clean home exterior means a healthy family! If there are members of the family who are prone to allergies, then they will benefit from a home exterior clean. Mildew and mould might start by growing on the exterior of the home, but if left, they will quickly make their way indoors, leading to a variety of illnesses. It’s best to eradicate these early. In springtime, when plants are in bloom, there is excess pollen and other airborne allergens, getting caught in moisture on the exterior of the home. This is a really good time to do some exterior home cleaning to keep everyone happy and healthy.

– Enhances curb appeal

If you’re considering putting your house on the market at any time in the near future, then you need to improve the curbside appeal in any way possible. By cleaning the exterior of your home, you’re drastically increasing the value of the property by making it more attractive to passers-by. Professional cleaning will remove excess dirt and shine up the property without the need for an expensive paint job.

– Increases the lifespan of homes

Regular cleaning of the home’s exterior will prevent damage to the exterior surface and structural damage as well. This is because, when left unattended, dirt accumulation can impact the structural integrity of the home’s walls, driveways, patios, roofs, fences, paths, and more. Regular exterior cleaning means regular maintenance which increases the lifespan of your home.

– Great preparation

If you have plans to refinish and repaint your home’s exterior, then the first step should be an exterior home clean to get rid of old, peeling paint and entrenched dirt. Once all the grime has been effectively removed from the home’s exterior, you’re left with a lovely, clean surface, free of dirt and contaminants that could impact the final paint job. Following a clean, the paint will stick to the surface much quicker, and will remain in place.

What is the exterior house cleaning process?

To perform a thorough exterior house cleaning can be quite an undertaking, particularly if you don’t have previous experience. You will have to determine the right cleaning method for your particular needs, get all the necessary equipment, ensure all the correct safety precautions are taken for the cleaners, residents, and neighbours, and factor in the run-off and debris collection.

What are the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services?

There are several benefits to outsourcing this important service to a team of professionals. These include:

  • Safety: They will have the correct equipment and expertise to execute the job safely, without risking themselves or any residents.
  • Results: Professional cleaners have vast experience in how to clean, where to clean, and what to use. This means that you will be getting a really thorough exterior wash that leaves you with great results.
  • Time: If you decide to clean your home exterior alone, you’re looking at a few days of cleaning. This is a lot of time and unnecessary frustration, particularly when you don’t have the correct equipment.

For the best exterior home cleaning in Brisbane, get in touch with Kleen Genie. Whether you’ve just purchased a new property, or have realised your home is in dire need of a makeover, these cleaning specialists get the job done right every time.

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