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Is the exterior of your home looking a little tired or worse for wear? Looking for a cost-effective way to refresh its appearance and boost curb appeal that doesn’t involve the effort or expense involved with exterior painting? If so, Kleen Genie can help. 

Skilled experts in exterior house washing, we can bring your home’s outside surfaces back to their best through our range of professional services. 

Able to deliver outstanding results in just one visit, our team has the knowledge and tools needed to make your home look as good as new. How do we achieve this? Let’s take a closer look.  

The Importance of Exterior Makeovers 

How often do we buy new bedding or shuffle furniture around to bring new life into our living spaces? We routinely clean our hard floors, vacuum carpets, wipe down walls and dust surfaces all so we can enjoy a beautiful space to live in. 

When it comes to the outside of our homes, we tend to our gardens, sweep, hose the driveway or similar, but, by and large, the exterior surfaces are left alone. 

From timber or stone cladding to brick walls and fibre cement on our exterior walls to concrete driveways, tiled patios, garage doors, windows and roofs, all of these areas can use more detailed attention.  

While it can seem like an overwhelming task that is easier to ignore than indoor updates and maintenance, the reality is, it is equally important. 

The Role Of House Washing In Exterior Makeovers

Whether you have a modern home, or an older one, properly cleaning and maintaining these surfaces in the long term is vitally important. Cleaning these areas delivers a host of benefits including: 

  • Improved street appeal
  • Adding to your homes resale value
  • Enhanced longevity of your home’s exterior surfaces
  • Reduction in health hazards and allergens such as mould/mildew growth and pollen deposits
  • Improved safety through the removal of moss on walkways or pathways
  • Enabling better enjoyment of outside living spaces  

As the above demonstrates, there are so many reasons to invest in house washing as part of an exterior makeover. Inexpensive when compared to painting or renovating, it’s a good idea to organise this service at least once a year for maximum benefits. 

Why Engage Professional Help?

While it can be tempting to undertake this type of makeover yourself, there are several reasons why we recommend engaging the help of a professional team. Such as:

Selecting The Right Tools & Materials

It is not simply a matter of pressure washing the outside surfaces as hard as possible. In fact, this can actually cause damage to your home, stripping paint, splintering wood or forcing water into the home.

At Kleen Genie, we have access to the best equipment, tools and cleaning solutions. Paired with in-depth knowledge of how to combine these elements for the best outcomes, we ensure a truly impressive result. 

We take utmost care to preserve the exterior of your home and return it to a state that is as close to new as possible. 

Ensuring Safe Practices

From scaling multi-storey buildings to clean rooftops and solar panels for enhanced energy efficiency to awkwardly placed windows and more, we know how to clean safely. 

Trained to work at heights in accordance with Safe Work practices, we undertake high-risk exterior cleans with confidence. 

Employing the use of harnesses, ladder hooks, telescopic tools and more, we clean every inch of your home without risking a dangerous fall. This is something most homeowners simply cannot do safely themselves. 

Efficiency & Value

Your time is valuable and much better spent on things you enjoy and with people you care about. Undertaking an exterior home makeover through house washing is an incredibly laborious, time-consuming and let’s face it, dirty job to do. This is especially true if you’re doing so without the proper training or tools.

A professional team, such as Kleen Genie can complete an extensive clean-up and makeover in as little as a day. Though this will depend on the condition of the property and services booked. 

Additionally, professional house washing is more affordable than most people think. Booking a professional can work out to be much better value when compared to the hours of work and effort it would take to do it yourself. 

How We Can Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Not only offering house washing our team can also completely makeover your home’s outward appearance and improve its performance through:

  • Window cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing driveways, retaining walls, pathways, patios or similar.

Enjoy a completely refreshed exterior as well as crystal clear windows, optimally functioning solar panels, properly performing gutters, slip-free walkways and more. 

We guarantee you’ll be surprised just how much of a difference a professional cleaning of your home’s outside surfaces can make.

Save Time, Energy & Money Making Over Your Home’s Exterior

Repainting the exterior, replacing windows and doors and installing a new garage door will all give an instant lift to the look of your home, but it’s also very expensive. 

Before pursuing such an expensive makeover, we recommend investing in the much more cost-effective option – house washing and exterior surface cleaning. 

Not only is this a much more affordable option, but it’s also much quicker to complete. If for any reason you still decide to repaint, your home’s exterior is also properly cleaned and prepared for this. 

Why Kleen Genie?

As a locally owned, family-run business, Kleen Genie’s range of high-quality services is guaranteed to impress. 

We consistently go above and beyond for our customers, expertly completing all work and restoring the exterior design and look of your home to its beautiful best. 

Book a single cleaning service or multiple and our project management skills will see all of them completed as efficiently as possible.  Enjoy the feeling of stepping outside your front door and knowing the outside of your home is as clean and welcoming as the inside. Contact Kleen Genie today at 1300-296-246.

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