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Domestic & Commercial Windows Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Kleen Genie are the first choice for residential and commercial window cleaning. We clean all windows whether it’s your home, a shop front or a multi level office building, Kleen Genie are able to clean your glass and get it crystal clear.

Kleen Genie use the latest technology in all our services. With multi level buildings we use pure water window cleaning units. This unit purifies and filters the water we use, and removes all minerals in the water down to zero parts per million. This means there will be no water spots once we have finished.

Kleen Genie apply the purified filtered water by a soft brush to absorb the dirt, dust and debris from your windows and frames. We then rinse the surface again using the filtered purified water, which is allowed to dry naturally, leaving a spot free ultra clear finish.

Regardless of access or height Kleen Genie has the equipment to get the job done in the most efficient and safest way possible. With our pure water systems no job is too hard or too high.

Kleen Genie can arrange a schedule cleaning program so you don’t have to worry about making a booking, we will just arrive at the scheduled time and clean the glass. This takes all the stress away.

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