Crystal Clear Windows

Dirty windows can not only greatly detract from the look of your home or business, but they can also affect the occupants of your buildings. Dirty windows can prevent sunlight from entering properly, leaving your home or office dark, dull and unpleasant for your family, employees, and customers alike.

Window cleaning is a hard task that not many homeowners feel confident to complete or is just outright impossible for business owners with multi-level buildings. Kleen Genie is here to help with window cleaning Brisbane! We’ll have your windows crystal clear in no time.


When we say we’ll have your windows crystal clear we mean it – and here’s how we achieve it. We use the latest technology in all our services, using pure water window cleaning units. It filters and purifies the water, removing all minerals in the water down to zero parts per million. This is what allows us to achieve a completely spot free finish. We also use a soft brush that absorbs the dust, dirt and debris from the windows and frames. We give the windows a final rinse with our purified and filtered water that we leave to dry to a naturally spotless and streak free finish.

Unlike our window cleaning Brisbane competitors who typically use regular water and inferior brushes, inevitably leaving your windows with spots and streaks.


Whether you’re looking for cleaning for your home or business, Kleen Genie has you covered. We have the right tools to reach and clean your windows, regardless of the height or accessibility. With our pure water systems and equipment, no job is too hard or high.

For all your window cleaning Brisbane needs, choose Kleen Genie. Contact our friendly team today to organise a free quote.

By Published On: June 15, 2021Categories: Articles