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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know a dirty solar panel can reduce the panels efficiency by up to 25%. So cleaning your solar panel can save you money on your electricity bill!!

Cleaning your solar panels is an extremely important step in keeping your solar system as efficient as possible. Kleen Genie are experts in cleaning all brands and types of solar panel systems. At Kleen Genie we use the latest in technology when cleaning solar panels. We only use very soft brushes that are fed with pure filtered water. This pure water system removes all minerals from the water and will leave a spot free finish, and will not scratch the panels.

In most cases we can clean your solar panels from the gutter line and don’t have to step on your roof. However, if we do need to step onto the roof our skilled technicians are fully trained and equipped with the right safety gear to get the job done safely. Click below for a free quote!

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