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At Kleen Genie, we understand the importance of maintaining your Brisbane roof to keep your home safe, and to save you money on continuous maintenance.
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Roof Cleaning Brisbane

Many homeowners are not aware of the damage that moss, mould and lichen can do to the roof of their home. If left untreated, the caustic nature of mould spores can start to degrade your roof. Concrete and clay tiles are at particular risk as moss and mould can cause excess water absorption, leading them to degrade quicker meaning you need a new roof up to 10 years earlier.

Excess moisture not only causes your tiles to degrade; if it gets into your roof space, your timber frame can rot and you may find mould growing in your roof space.

Roof Cleaning

Why Use Kleen Genie for Roof Cleaning?

At Kleen Genie, we understand the importance of maintaining your roof to keep your home safe, and to save you money on continuous maintenance. There are plenty of reasons to use the Kleen Genie team to clean your roof.

  • We use a low-pressure technique called soft washing which doesn’t damage your roof like high pressure roof cleaning can do.

  • We apply a cleaning solution to kill moss, mould, lichen and bacteria.
  • A single treatment lasts up to 18 months which is more than the 12 months average.

  • Our roof treatment extends the life of your painted roof, whether a new paint job or an old one in bad condition.
  • We minimise walking on your roof to clean it.

The Benefits of a Soft Wash Roof Clean

Apart from not damaging your roof paintwork, there are plenty of other benefits to be seen when using a soft roofing wash method to clean your roof.

Kleen Genie’s Soft Wash method is environmentally safe and avoids damage to your roof that can occur when using a high-pressure washed method, particularly on a tile roof. This cleaning method also prevents mould growth, and it helps retain that colour. Whether you’ve just had your roof painted, or you want it clean before repainting, Kleen Genie’s roof cleaning services will have you covered.

On Going Servicing

While our roof cleaning treatments stop mould, mildew and lichens growing back for up to 18 months, if you live in a dusty area, or are surrounded by trees, you may wish to use our maintenance spraying program. Our team will schedule in yearly treatments for your roof, killing off any growth before it is visible and starts to damage your roof.

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Friendly and Hassle-Free Service

Kleen Genie is a family owned and operated business so we understand the need to spend your free time with your family instead of cleaning the roof of your home. We offer a friendly and hassle-free service so you can get on with your day.

We also won’t interrupt your schedule – you don’t need to stay home while the Kleen Genie team are looking after your professional roof clean which means no rushing to get your daily errands done or arranging for a day off work.

If your roof is covered in mould, mildew or lichen, or it’s simply time to give it a good clean, contact Kleen Genie and one of our friendly and professional team members will organise to provide you with a free quote.

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