At Kleen Genie, we are devoted to providing our clients with the highest quality of service and ensuring a spotless home. Your satisfaction is always our priority which means nothing short of perfect will do when it comes to keeping your house clean! We pledge that you’ll be thrilled with the results every time as we strive for excellence in all areas of cleaning.

Give Your Home a Refresh with Kleen Genie

When you arrive home, you can expect a house with a spotlessly clean exterior, completely free of dirt and grime, thanks to Kleen Genie. Our team specializes in exterior cleaning services and covers all of Brisbane, including Carina. Our focus is on preserving your home’s exterior and ensuring it remains in excellent condition.

Why Choose Kleen Genie for Roof Cleaning?

If roof cleaning services, Kleen Genie provides several reasons why we’re a good choice:

  • Our soft washing technique uses low pressure and prevents damage to your roof.

  • Our cleaning solution eliminates moss, mould, lichen, and bacteria.

  • The effects of our treatment last up to 18 months, which is longer than the standard 12-month period.

  • We can help extend the lifespan of your painted roof, regardless of its age.

  • During the cleaning process, we take steps to reduce walking on your roof.

The Power of Soft Washing

When you opt for Kleen Genie’s soft washing method, you can expect a safe approach that won’t harm your roof, especially if it’s made of tiles. This environmentally friendly method prevents mold growth and maintains the color of your roof. It’s a great option whether you’ve recently had your roof painted or are planning to paint it soon. Consider our roof cleaning services to meet your needs.

Ongoing Maintenance for Lasting Results

Our roof cleaning treatments can prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and lichens for up to 18 months, but you may still require more frequent maintenance. If you live in a dusty area or have trees in close proximity, we suggest considering our maintenance spraying program. Our team will arrange yearly treatments to eliminate any growth before it becomes visible and harms your roof.

Friendly, Hassle-Free Service

At Kleen Genie, we are a family-owned and operated business that is aware of the significance of spending time with your loved ones. We provide a cordial and effortless service that allows you to concentrate on what’s essential. Also, you don’t have to be present at home while we clean your roof as per the scheduled time, permitting you to carry on with your daily tasks or work without any disturbance.

Complete Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Kleen Genie offers a wide range of services for your home’s exterior. These include roof cleaning, complete house washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and driveway cleaning. Our cleaning solutions are customized to fit your specific needs and budget, ensuring that your home looks clean and well-maintained.

Experience the Kleen Genie Difference

Get your home’s exterior shining with our professional roof cleaning services from Kleen Genie. Our skilled team is prepared to provide exceptional results for your Carina home and the wider Brisbane region. Say goodbye to unsightly mould, mildew, and lichen damaging your roof—reach out for a free quote today!