At Kleen Genie, we are dedicated to providing you with a sparkling clean home and never skimping on the quality of our work. We prioritise your satisfaction above all else.

The Ultimate Solution for a Clean and Protected Roof!

Kleen Genie, the exterior cleaning experts in Balmoral and throughout Brisbane, can help you achieve a pristine, mould-free roof that lasts longer than expected. Contact us to learn more about how we can make a difference for your home or office.

Why Choose Kleen Genie for Roof Cleaning in Balmoral?

Kleen Genie offers roof cleaning services that can prevent continuous maintenance costs.

  • We stand out from other services because we use a low-pressure soft washing technique that won’t harm your roof.

  • We also use a cleaning solution that can eliminate moss, mould, lichen, and bacteria, which keeps your roof clean for up to 18 months.

  • Finally, we take care to minimize foot traffic and wear and tear on your roof while cleaning it.

The Benefits of a Soft Wash Roof Clean

Kleen Genie’s Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Service is both eco-friendly and gentle on your roof. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your roof’s appearance, with colors that remain bright and a surface that’s free of mold and grime. To get a free quote for our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Service, click here.

Ongoing Servicing and Maintenance

If you live in an area with a lot of dust or trees, you may benefit from our maintenance spraying program. We provide yearly treatments to stop growth and potential damage to your roof in advance. To begin our ongoing maintenance program, you can ask for a free quote.

Friendly, Hassle-Free Service by Kleen Genie

We are a family-owned business that values spending quality time with loved ones. Our hassle-free roof cleaning service is designed to fit seamlessly into your day, ensuring a professional and exceptional experience without any inconvenience.

Complete Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Kleen Genie offers a range of services, including:

  • House Washing and Gutter Cleaning

  • High-Quality Pressure Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning and Driveway Cleaning

  • Regular Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Customized Cleaning Solutions

Experience the Kleen Genie Difference

Say goodbye to mediocre cleaning services. Opt for Kleen Genie’s exceptional exterior cleaning services and transform the look of your home. Want to give your roof the care it needs? Contact us for a free quote and experience the Kleen Genie difference.