Regular gutter cleaning is essential to protecting your family, and at Kleen Genie, we understand this!

Gutter Cleaning Northside

Gutter cleaning is an essential task that should be regularly performed to ensure home safety. However, it can be daunting for homeowners who lack the necessary equipment and have to work at heights. As professional gutter cleaners, we have the expertise to complete this task efficiently and effectively.

Kleen Genie offers a safe solution for regular residential gutter cleaning, which includes a thorough inspection of your roof gutters and gutter guards. This ensures that your home is not at risk of damage or needing roof repairs, especially during storm season.

Kleen Genie assures you of timely arrival along with appropriate gutter cleaning tools and safety equipment. You can trust our insured team to safely clean your gutters using the proper tools, giving you peace of mind.

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We specialise in cleaning gutters, homes and offices in your local area. You can contact us anytime to receive a complimentary quote for our services.

To determine how often you should clean your roof gutters, consider your location and surroundings. It’s advisable to clean your gutters at least twice a year to prevent water from pooling and to check for any damage. Living in an area with large trees may result in quicker and more frequent gutter cleaning due to buildup.

In Queensland, it’s crucial to maintain debris-free roofs and gutters, especially during bushfire and storm seasons, to prevent water damage to your home. Clear and well-maintained gutters prevent expensive repairs.

The Benefits of a Soft Wash Roof Clean

Kleen Genie offers a Soft Wash method for roof cleaning that is both environmentally safe and gentle on your roof, especially if it has tiles. This method helps prevent mould growth and preserves the roof’s color. Whether you need cleaning before or after painting your roof, Kleen Genie’s roof cleaning services can help.

Ongoing Servicing

Our roof cleaning treatments can prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and lichens for up to 18 months. However, if you reside in an area with high dust levels or are surrounded by trees, you may want to consider our maintenance spraying program. Our team can arrange yearly treatments for your roof to eliminate any growth before it becomes visible and harms your roof. Please feel free to request a quote for our services.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Regular gutter cleaning can help protect your family and at Kleen Genie, we understand this. Consider having your roof gutters cleaned for the following reasons:

  • Leaves and debris in your gutters can increase the risk of fire at your home.

  • If your gutters are full, heavy rain could result in water entering your home.

If you have rainwater tanks, it’s crucial to keep your gutters clean to prevent contamination of collected rainwater. Unclean gutters can harbour pests and insects like spiders, mosquitoes, mice, and roaches.

Kleen Genie Gutter Cleaning Services

Kleen Genie provides gutter cleaning services for residential, commercial, and body corporate properties in the Northside area and surrounding regions. You may call Kleen Genie to receive an estimate and benefit yourself of their high-quality gutter cleaning services for your company or house in Queensland.


Recommended frequency for cleaning gutters is twice a year, typically in spring and fall. However, it may change according to the climate and amount of trees in your neighbourhood. If there are large trees close to your home then you should clean your gutters more frequently.
Kleen Genie is a company that offers gutter cleaning services for residential, commercial, and body corporate properties in the Northside area and nearby regions. They have a team of experienced and insured cleaners who use specialised tools with telescopic poles to clean gutters safely and efficiently even in hard-to-reach areas without risking their safety.
Kleen Genie utilises professional tools including telescopic poles and ladders to safely and effectively clean gutters. Our tools can reach heights of up to 6 metres and access hard-to-reach areas. Our staff always wear safety gear such as gloves and harnesses when performing gutter cleaning. In addition, we use advanced pressure cleaning techniques.
Kleen Genie has a team of insured professionals who can handle both residential and commercial gutter cleaning tasks. They use the latest tools and advanced pressure cleaning techniques with telescopic poles to ensure that the cleaning process is done safely and efficiently, without any risk. Additionally, the team uses safety gear including gloves and harnesses for extra protection.

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