Kleen Genie would like to remind you that it is important to regularly clean your gutters to ensure the safety of your family.

Gutter Cleaning Fig Tree Pocket

To keep your home safe, it’s advisable to hire professionals for regular gutter cleaning. If you don’t have the proper tools and expertise, cleaning gutters yourself can be difficult.
Kleen Genie offers gutter cleaning services for residential and commercial properties in Chapel Hill. They conduct a thorough inspection of gutters to detect any blockages and use specialised tools to provide complete exterior cleaning services for homes. Our company, based in Fig Tree Pocket, also provides efficient gutter cleaning services.

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Our team has years of experience, and we use cutting-edge tools to do cleaning tasks fast and effectively.

At Kleen Genie, our residential gutter cleaning services are dependable and safe.

We have a skilled team that utilises proper equipment and safety measures to effectively clean your gutters. This process won’t harm your property or result in costly roof repairs, even in severe weather conditions. We also conduct thorough inspections of your gutters and guards to guarantee the best results possible.

Please get in contact with our team if you want exterior cleaning for your home or company, including gutter cleaning. We are happy to give you a free pricing estimate and serve you with effective, high-quality services. We are delighted to hear from you as a nearby company.

What is the recommended frequency for gutter cleaning?

It is recommended that you clean your roof gutters twice a year to avoid water damage. However, the necessary frequency may vary depending on your location. If you live in Queensland, you should exercise caution when there are storms and wildfires. Additionally, you might need to clear your gutters more frequently if there are large trees close to your property.

You can save money on repairs by periodically cleaning your gutters.

Cleaning your gutters regularly is very important as it helps prevent various issues like fire, floods, and pests. This is even more important if you have rainwater tanks. By keeping your gutters clean, you discourage pests such as spiders, mosquitoes, roaches, and mice.

Why is it necessary to clean gutters?

It’s important to clean your gutters regularly as it helps prevent water from getting to your home’s foundation, which could cause flooding and structural damage. Cleaning your gutters can also stop the growth of mould and mildew, prevent dampness and water-related illnesses, and keep pests and debris away. Remember to make gutter cleaning a part of your routine home maintenance.

Kleen Genie will give you an estimate and more information about their gutter cleaning service for free.

To effectively clean gutters, Kleen Genie has a team of experts who use modern tools such as ladders, high-pressure water jets, and hoses. They also offer exterior house washing services. However, before hiring them, it is important to ensure that they have insurance and maintain high levels of professionalism and safety.

Kleen Genie provides gutter cleaning services that offer several advantages.

The service helps in preventing water damage to your home by ensuring clean gutters. It also stops insects from nesting in the gutters. Insect nests can pollute the rainwater and increase the risk of fire.

It is important to find a reliable company so your home stays clean and healthy.


Kleen Genie is a company that cleans gutters on residential, commercial, and business properties in Fig Tree Pocket.

Kleen Genie cleans gutters on homes and businesses that are 6 metres or shorter. They wear special safety equipment like belts, gloves, ladders, and poles for safety. They also use a pressure washer to make sure the job is done well.

Kleen Genie will help you get insurance for your home or business. We clean gutters and make sure to do it safely. You can trust us because our services are reliable.

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To inquire about the cost of our gutter cleaning services, reach us by phone at 1300296246 or email at hello@kleengenie.com.au. We guarantee a complete cleaning of your gutters, downpipes, and water drains.