At Kleen Genie, we know how crucial it is to clean your gutters regularly to ensure your family’s safety.

Gutter Cleaning Carina

To ensure the safety of their houses, people should get their gutters cleaned on a regular basis by specialists. Kleen Genie offers a safe and regular residential gutter cleaning service. They will inspect both the roof gutters and gutter guards to prevent any damage to your home and avoid sudden roofing repairs, particularly during stormy weather.

At Kleen Genie, we guarantee that we will arrive on time and equipped with all the necessary tools and safety gear to clean your gutters thoroughly and safely. Our team is insured, providing you with confidence in our efficient gutter cleaning services.

Enquire with us about the cost of cleaning the outside of your house or workplace. We offer quality cleaning services in this area and can supply you with a free quotation if you request one.

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What is the recommended frequency for gutter cleaning?

It is advisable to clean your roof gutters twice a year to prevent water from accumulating and causing damage. Depending on the environment and location, the cleaning frequency may need to be adjusted. During Queensland’s bushfire and storm seasons, it is particularly important to ensure that roofs and gutters are clear of debris to avoid water damage. Frequent cleaning of gutters may be necessary if your location has large trees as they tend to accumulate more debris. Maintaining clear gutters can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Certain precautions must be taken to keep your house secure. This entails locking all doors and windows and keeping them secure when inside.Also, ensure to switch on outside lights at night, in particular those near entrance points. Consider implementing a security system with cameras and motion sensors if at all practical.

Keeping your gutters clean is essential for your family’s safety. Kleen Genie offers services that can benefit you in many ways.Debris and leaves in your gutters can provide a fire danger, so keep them clean. This is particularly crucial if you have rainwater tanks, as blocked gutters can let water into your home after heavy rains. Clogged gutters can also bring pests like spiders, mosquitos, rats, and roaches and taint collected rainfall.

Kleen Genie Gutter Cleaning Services

When you opt for Kleen Genie’s soft washing method, you can expect a safe approach that won’t harm your roof, especially if it’s made of tiles. This environmentally friendly method prevents mold growth and maintains the color of your roof. It’s a great option whether you’ve recently had your roof painted or are planning to paint it soon. Consider our roof cleaning services to meet your needs.

Ongoing Maintenance for Lasting Results

If you own a property in Queensland’s Carina or nearby areas, Kleen Genie can help you keep it well-maintained by offering their gutter cleaning services. Contact them to get an estimate and take advantage of their exceptional service.


Kleen Genie is a company that offers gutter cleaning services to residential and commercial buildings, including body corporates, in Carina. Their cleaners are skilled and insured and they use special tools with telescopic poles to clean gutters safely and efficiently, even in hard-to-reach spots.

Kleen Genie offers exterior home washing and gutter cleaning services using eco-friendly detergents and advanced pressure cleaning technology with hot water. Our insured and experienced team can remove dirt, dust, mildew, mould, and spiderwebs from walls, windows, gutters, and facades to enhance your home’s appearance.

At Kleen Genie, we have all the necessary equipment such as ladders and telescopic poles to clean gutters effectively. To ensure safety, we wear appropriate gear and harnesses when cleaning areas up to 6 metres high. Additionally, we use professional pressure cleaning techniques to achieve excellent results.

Kleen Genie offers gutter cleaning services for both homes and businesses. Their insured professionals use telescoping poles and advanced pressure techniques to clean gutters safely and efficiently. They wear gloves and harnesses while working.

Kleen Genie provides gutter cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Their team of insured professionals uses telescopic poles, and advanced pressure techniques, as well as gloves and harnesses to ensure safety and increase efficiency during the cleaning process.

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If you want to get a free quote for our gutter cleaning services, you can call us at 1300296246 or send an email to speciality is cleaning gutters, downspouts, and water drains, and we are committed to providing you with quality service. So, contact us to book your gutter cleaning and protect your home’s safety this summer. We eagerly await your response!