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We usually see our roofs daily, a quick glance morning and night when leaving for the day and again returning home. But how often does the cleanliness of your roof come to mind? We’re guessing that like most homeowners, it’s not all that often. Most of the time we won’t really notice when our roofs have become dirty, discoloured and in desperate need of a clean. However, it’s not all about appearances, a clean roof can help to keep your home safe and save you money on continuous maintenance.


The most common benefit that people think of when it comes to having a clean roof is the street appeal. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home, or just want your home to look its best, a professional roof clean can drastically improve your homes street appeal. After all, first impressions do count, especially when trying to encourage buyers through the front door. What most people don’t realise is that keeping your roof clean can actually help to protect your home and prevent you from needing to make costly repairs.

Moss, mould and lichen are common materials that can end up growing on our roofs. They’re not just unsightly to look at, moss and lichen are actually caustic in nature. The mould spores, once set in, can start to degrade your roof, with concrete and clay tiles particularly at risk. It can cause excess water to be absorbed into your tiles, causing them to break down faster, meaning that you could need a roof up to 10 years earlier than if you continued to keep it clean. Not only can moss, mould and lichen damage your tiles, if the excess moisture penetrates deep enough, it can actually seep through to your roof space and could rot your timber frame. This could cause it to become unstable and unsafe and encourage mould to grow in your roof space.

Damage to your roof, roof space and mould removal can all be highly expensive issues to fix. It’s a far easier, more affordable and hassle-free solution to have pressure roof cleaning done regularly. Having your roof pressure washed can also help to extend the life of a paint job, saving you from having to fork out for a whole roof repaint.

For most homes, it’s recommended that you clean your roof once every 12 months. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain, have a lot of shade or trees dropping lots of leaves a debris, you may require more frequent cleans. Let the experts at Kleen Genie help you determine how often you should have your roof cleaned.


Our washing technique differs from many of our competitors as we use a low pressure cleaning technique called soft washing which doesn’t damage your roof like high pressure cleaning can do. This combined with our specialised roofing wash is what makes a huge difference. Our roofing wash is a special cleaning solution that works to kill moss, lichen, mould and bacteria and a single treatment can protect your roof for up to 18 months and extend the life of your roofs paint.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced and skilled professionals equipped with all the right safety gear and cleaning tools provide an effective and safe clean. Our team and totally confident and comfortable working at heights but we minimise walking on your roof as much as possible. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team are fully insured and protected whilst working on your property.

For the best Brisbane roof and exterior home cleaners, you can’t go past Kleen Genie. Get in touch with our friendly team today for an obligation free quote.

By Published On: March 31, 2022Categories: Articles