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Tile & Roof Pressure Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

At Kleen Genie we only use a low pressure technique called soft washing. We apply a cleaning solution to kill the moss, mould, lichen and bacteria from the roof, and have it looking as good as new. This technique is lot more effective than using high pressure to clean for two reasons, one its not damaging to the structure of your roof and two it kills all the growth at the root rather than just removing the top layer of dirt. Kleen Genie can deal with all nasties that love to grow on your roof with a single treatment that will last up to 18 months. Our roof treatment extends the life of your paint whether it is a new paint job or an old one in bad condition. We are also able to wash and treat your roof in most cases without walking on your roof.

Most people are not aware of the structural damage moss, mould and lichen can do to your roof. Left untreated it will start to degrade your roof due to the caustic nature of mould spores. The moss and mould will cause excess water absorption to concrete and clay roof tiles which will degrade them faster, and you will require a new roof up to 10 years earlier than if it were treated. Also excess moisture inside your roof will cause premature rotting of your timber frame, and mould to grow in your roof space.

We are also able to provide a maintenance spraying service where we will come and treat your roof every 12 months. This will kill any growth before it is visible and starts to take root, therefore preventing damage your roof.

If your roof is covered in moss, mould and lichen there is no need to replace your roof, contact Kleen Genie and one of our friendly staff will come out to provide a free quote.

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