As professional gutter cleaners, we know the importance of maintaining clean gutters, down pipes and water drains for the maintenance and safety of your home. We also know that for many homeowners it can be pushed on to the back burner as it’s a difficult task dreaded by many. You not only have to be confident working at heights, but you also need the right equipment and expertise to know the best way to clean the gutters and down pipes. Let Kleen Genie take care of this hard and dirty task with our gutter cleaning service.


Clean gutters not only make your property look much better, but they also help to create a safer home. Blocked gutters chock full of leaves and debris have the potential to create many risks to your home and family’s safety. They can increase the fire hazard to your home, cause water to enter your home in the event of heavy rains and make an ideal environment for many unwanted pests and insects including spiders, mice, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. If you have rainwater tanks, full gutters can also lead to contaminated water getting into your tanks and blocked gutters can create stagnant, dirty water. Gutter guards can only do so much, they’re unable to stop all debris from getting through and don’t stop you from needing to have your gutters cleaned.

When you let Kleen Genie handle the regular residential gutter cleaning of you home it includes more than just cleaning clogged gutters. We undertake an extensive inspection of your roof gutters, roof valleys and gutter guards to assess for any damage or need for roof repairs to ensure your home is not at risk during the storm season.

How often you will need to have your roof gutters cleaned is dependent where your home or business is located and what is surrounding the property. It is typically recommended that gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year to prevent a build up of debris, avoid water from pooling and avoid damages to the gutters and roofing. However, if your property is surrounded by many large trees, it is probable that your gutters will need cleaning more frequently to avoid debris build up.


Our team of gutter cleaners are fully trained in the best and safest ways to clean gutters and have the right equipment to be the job done. As a proudly family-owned business, reliability and punctuality are also of upmost important to our team. We will arrive on time, complete every job efficiently to high standards and clean up after ourselves as well. But don’t just take our word that we do an excellent job, we come highly recommended by our many happy residential and commercial clients – just take a look at our many wonderful reviews on our website.

Kleen Genie are not just a gutter cleaning company, we provide a wide range of external home cleaning services. These include house washing, solar panel cleaning, roof cleaning, window cleaning and driveway cleaning. We provide our external house cleaning service all over Brisbane from Brisbane North to South.

For external home cleaning Brisbane, no one is better than Kleen Genie. For a free gutter cleaning quote or enquiries about any of our other services, give the friendly Kleen Genie team a call today or contact us through our website.