Importance of Regular Gutter Cleaning

Most of us know the importance of maintaining a clean home. But what about the exterior? A clean exterior leaves your home looking brighter, tidier, and more attractive. A big part of keeping the exterior of your home clean is your roof and gutters.

Gutter cleaning is an important yet often neglected task. It’s a dirty, difficult job that can be intimidating for many. It’s also hard for many home and business owners to clean the gutters as you need the right equipment, and you need to be comfortable to work at heights. Forget the hassle and leave gutter cleaning to the experts. We here at Kleen Genie can clean any type of gutter. Our standard gutter cleaning includes a comprehensive inspection of your roof gutters to ensure there is no damage or risk to your home.


Most people don’t think of the dangers of full or damaged gutters until it’s too late.

Gutters full of debris can create a high fire hazard, particularly during the dry season. During heavy rainfall, blocked gutters and heavy rain can cause water to enter your home.

Dirty gutters can be an appealing home to many unwanted pests from mosquitos and roaches to spiders, mice and rats.

Got rainwater tanks? Full gutters can retain water for long periods of time, potentially allowing for contaminated water to enter your water tanks.

For the safety of your family and property, maintaining clean gutters should be made a priority. It is also cheaper to have the gutters cleaned by a professional than to try and repair damage to the property after an incident occurs.


A common question is how often should you clean the gutters? This will depend on where you live and what surrounds your home. Generally speaking, we highly recommend that you clean the gutters twice a year to prevent any water pooling and to make sure that no damage has occurred. However, what if your home or business is surrounded by lots of large trees? You will probably notice your gutters fill up faster and therefore require more frequent cleanings.

There are also other instances in which it can be very beneficial to get your gutters cleaned. For instance, if you are looking to put your home on the real estate market, clean gutters are a must. It will not only help to provide a great first impression of your home to potential buyers but it will also tick one concern off their list. Not only are blocked gutters unsightly but they can also be indicative of a blockage, damage or other issues with the gutter and seeing this may be enough to turn potential buyers away.


We’re not like any other old gutter cleaning company. Our gutter cleaning services are extensive. Not only can we clean the roof and gutters, but we can also offer cleaning gutter guards and we can add on our solar panel cleaning services if you choose. Cleaning gutter guards is important to prevent build up and blockages and cleaning solar panels helps them to work optimally.

We’re a 100% family owned and operated business based in Brisbane’s North. We provide our services across Brisbane suburbs, including Brisbane North and South.

Our team is fully trained and prepared with the correct equipment to work at heights. The last thing you want to happen is for your gutter cleaner to have an accident, without being fully insured, leaving you liable. We here at Clean Genie are fully insured.

If you want a reliable cleaning company that can make cleaning and maintaining your gutter easy, look no further. Contact our team today for a free quote.


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