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With the ongoing torrential downpour that South -East Queensland is currently experiencing, the massive event has once again highlighted how unpredictable and wild weather can be. Homes and business alike are feeling the effects of this extreme weather, with some far worse off than others.

One thing that it may also have reminded us of is the importance of keeping our gutters clean. With such heavy and continuous rain, most gutters and water drains are struggling to keep up with draining the sheer volume of water we’re receiving every day. For any home or business with a blocked gutter or blocked downpipe, it could easily spell disaster in an event such as this.

Kleen Genie can help you to keep on top of maintaining clean gutters throughout 2022, keeping your business better prepared for such weather events.


We’re not just a gutter cleaning company! We offer an extensive range of exterior property cleaning services to home and businesses in the Brisbane area. These include:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Roof cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Exterior property washing
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning

It’s far easier and cheaper to have your gutter cleaned regularly than to let things go until it’s too late. With massive amount of water like this, a blocked gutter could lead to your business needing roof repairs, an expensive and timely scenario. Or your existing gutters may just buckle under all the pressure and break, needing gutters repairs. Gutter replacements are less impactful but still more costly than regular maintenance.

Some business owners think that if they use gutter guards their gutters will be spotless and not need cleaning. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Yes, even gutter guards require routine cleanings to continue to work and they can’t stop everything with small debris still able to penetrate. Even small amounts of debris in gutters can lead to the development of moss and algae which can quickly and easily grow and spread, damaging not only your gutters but also your roof.

Keep your employees and customers safer by ensuring that you keep on top of cleaning your gutters.

How often your gutters will need cleaning depends on your location. If you’re closer to the city with few trees, your gutters will probably only need to be cleaned annually. If you’re further out, surrounded by a bit more greenery and tall trees, you will probably need multiple cleanings a year. We can help you determine how often your gutters will need cleaning as well as put you on a set and forget schedule, so you have one less thing to worry about.


The Kleen Genie team of gutter cleaners have years of experience under their belts, as well as the right equipment to work at any height. Fully trained to work at heights as well as fully insured, you can have peace of mind that our expert team will get the job done right and safely. Whether you have steel gutters or vinyl gutters, it doesn’t matter, we clean them all!

Here at Kleen Genie, we’re committed to and pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality cleaning at competitive prices with a friendly team to boot. As a business owner, your time is best spent running the show, looking after your employees and customers, not fretting about gutter maintenance and other cleaning issues. We work quickly and at a time that best suits you to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

For commercial gutter cleaning by a team of well equipped, friendly, and experienced professionals, choose Kleen Genie. Give our friendly team a call today or jump online to enquire about a free quote.

By Published On: February 28, 2022Categories: Articles